Eye lenses Saddle Rock

Eye Lenses Saddle Rock

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Serving the North Shore Long Island area and its surrounding communities for over 50 years, London Optical has everything you need when it comes to caring for your vision. With comprehensive exams, routine testing, and plenty of optical goods to choose from, we can help you maintain the 20/20 vision you need to see the world around you both clearly and comfortably. If you need new eye lenses in Saddle Rock, or are interested in speciality lenses, our optometrists are here to help you find the perfect glasses for your needs.

Open six days a week, London Optical offers a wide variety of optical services and goods for patients and customers of all ages. When it comes to glasses, we can make sure that your prescription is up to date, that we find the perfect frames for your style and face shape, and that your lenses match your specific vision needs. There are plenty of options when it comes to eye lenses in Saddle Rock. Some can help improve the quality of your vision while others are merely for aesthetic purposes. We carry plenty of speciality lenses, including High Index Plastic, progressives, polycarbonate, aspheric, trivex, and photochromic. High Index Plastic lenses are great for people with strong prescriptions. With High Index Plastic, your lenses can be made considerably thinner, plus they are much more lightweight. Trivex lenses are another option, and are also UV protected as well. Aspheric lenses work similarly, but allow for the lenses to be less curved than needed for higher prescription strengths. Progressive lenses are a great alternative to bifocals, providing different magnification for different needs (seeing both near and far away, as well as in the middle-ground if needed) but with more of a gradual progression between strengths so that it is much easier on the eyes. Polycarbonate lenses are an impressive impact resistant lens which is a great option for kids or athletes. Photochromic lenses can eliminate the need for sunglasses, changing their hue once it detects a certain amount of sunlight, and adjusting according to its brightness.

For eye lenses in Saddle Rock, visit London Optical to see which lenses are perfect for you.

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